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The Five Shifts that Skyrocket Participation

February 21, 2018

Presenter:  Beth Brodovsky, Iris Creative Group, Inc.

February 21, 2018

Net & Nosh 8:30am
Program 9:00am - 10:30am

Community Services Building

100 W. 10th Street, Room 109
Wilmington, DE 19801

Parking in the Community Service Garage will be validated.


1.5 CFRE education points


Does attracting (and retaining) ideal members, donors, volunteers and staff seem harder and more expensive than ever? If you're not creating a meaningful connection you are closer than ever to getting cut out of the picture.

It doesn't matter how many people are on your list if they don't participate in the things you need to reach your vision. Without the right focus, it's easy to attract a database full of the wrong people who hang around without ever joining, donating or attending your programs.

Getting people involved is critical to running a thriving organization. But it takes more than the right marketing mix to make it happen.

We'll talk about the five strategic shifts it takes to drive participation and how you can build a participation-centered brand to grow inside and out.


You'll learn:

  • The critical difference between participation and engagement
  • What it takes to attract (and keep) the right people
  • How to leverage your effort and build momentum

About Beth

As the president of Iris Creative Group Inc., Beth Brodovsky works with nonprofit leaders to inspire participation. Through training programs and project development, Beth and her team create brand communications that get people take notice - and take action. In 2012 Beth launched Nonprofit Toolkit, offering ready-to run online campaigns and marketing training including the group-coaching "Build your Brand Course. For more than three years Beth has been hosting the podcast "Driving Participation", speaking with over 160 nonprofit leaders about how participation helps them thrive.